Tim Holden

Spirals of Fate & Rivers Run Deep Bundle


This bundle contains Tim Holden's first two novels, Spirals of Fate and Rivers Run Deep. Both novels will be signed by the author.


Spirals of fate

Two years after the death of King Henry VIII, England is a turbulent realm. His son, Edward, the child monarch is too young to rule, and the government is factious. The nobility jostle for personal power and prestige. The treasury is empty and the elite of wealthy landowners are bent on exploiting the poor.

When a yeoman farmer from Norfolk, Robert Kett, finds himself at the centre of a local dispute, his impulsive actions plunge him into a precarious alliance with the dissenting commoners.

To prevail, Kett must bring order to the chaos, impose his own justice, overcome the deception and betrayal that surrounds him and stay true to his cause. As events spiral and disobedience sparks rebellion, can his leadership withstand the dangers and opportunities of a country struggling to leave its past and discover its future?

Rivers run deep

At the frontier of the known world, Britain and France tussle for dominance in the Americas. The fate of the empire will soon lie in the hands of an unsuspecting young man: fifteen-year-old George Washington.

As Virginians attempt to seize the Ohio Valley, and the native tribes seek to protect their way of life, George is more preoccupied with coming out of his brother’s shadow. But as he is drawn into the maelstrom of colonial politics, he crosses paths with others seeking freedom and fortune in the New World: a sly Irish fur trader, a tobacco planter’s prodigal son, an exiled Jacobite and a woman on the run…

One by one, their actions set them on a collision course that will change the ebb and flow of history, as events climax at a fork in the Ohio river...

A video from the Author

Tim takes us through some of the settings of Spirals of Fate

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