I was 15 when my history teacher made a throw away remark about my 'having a book in me.'

For some reason, his words stuck. 25 years later he was finally proved right, when I published my first novel, a work of historical fiction: Spirals of Fate.

I love history - it's the greatest story ever told! My books take real events of historical significance and trace the journeys of real life characters. We ride shotgun with them, seeing how they suffer, strive and grow; finding themselves as a front row protagonist in our national stories. For added fun, and extra context, I also include fictional characters, who play the role of those lost to history. The everyday people who didn't make the history books, but did influence events at the time.

I endeavor to make history the result of the characters choices, showing the jeopardy and their motivations, which led to events unfolding as they did.

I am fascinated by rebellion - what makes people rise up from their quiet lives and take a stand. I am also drawn to defeat. As we know, history is written by the winners. Yet so many of history's most valuable lessons are taken from those who ended up on its wrong side - the defeated. My books therefore always try to take an alternative look to counter balance the accepted narrative, whilst always remaining true to recorded events and dates.

Amongst the plot, I attempt to subtly weave in a different theme for you to dwell on. I hope by the end you are able to contemplate the characters' world views and how these differ, or support, your own. If I challenge you to think, question and discuss with friends and family afterwards, then I regard my job as well done.

My novels are full, well researched (I hope!) and seek to really bring the eras in which they are set to life in glorious technicolour. Moments or tragedy are balanced with moments of humour. Bravery with cowardice. Selfishness with generosity. Love with war. The full cocktail of the human experience.

I hope you enjoy them... Please leave them positive reviews if you can.

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